According to published in Fudzilla, who claim to have sources close confidence AMD, it plans to launch at least one graphics card Vega 10 equipped with graphics memory HBM2 later this year, although it would be focused on the professional market (ie, will be FirePro a graph of the family).

Secure is this information that have ensured that the launch will occur in November, and have even said that AMD plans to not advertise it with great fanfare but will rather unnoticed compared to marketing that is given to releases for the consumer sector. However, it will be a milestone in the industry and in the history of AMD thus become reality, it would be the first graphic in the world to equip the graphics memory HBM2.


It is not the first time nor the last, and indeed is usual. The latest products usually arrive first professional environment rather than the consumer, and what source says AMD will not make an exception with its expected next generation of graphics cards with architecture Vega. With everything and this will be an important milestone for the fact that we can confirm for sure specifications next top model graphics core AMD once and for all and draw the first conclusions about its performance.

Under this, in theory Vega 10 GPUs will feature the new lithography to 14 nm manufactured by current GlobalFoundries, but incorporate up to 4,096 shader processors with 16 GB of graphics memory HBM2, with 512 GB / s bandwidth and memory a power of 12 TFLOPs. Of course, these are all assumptions and nothing is clear, even to come true this information published shall soon leave little doubt

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