Android N

It becomes more and more pressing the expectation that separates us from the Android release date N proposed by Google: here’s what we know about the new release, thanks to a unique timeline and a series of interesting clues.
If we Android users with a past behind spent on this platform, we’ll know for sure that the annual event with a new version of Google’s mobile OS usually takes place toward September. This year, however, Big G has surprised many by starting the rollout of the Developer Preview in March, with an interesting advance of the classic timing of finalization. What can we expect, then, on the Android release date N?

Android N
Our doubts are partly dissolved by a timeline, offered by Google developers, showing all the steps taken so far in the new OS testing. Having come to the Developer Preview 4 during this month, complete with API and improved interaction with Google Play, Android N can be considered a few weeks before the final changes that will lead him to be more and more like a final version, which will implement the last test before receiving the official status.

Meanwhile, in addition to technical details, Android N will search for a name (although the majority of users tended toward for “Nutella”), which will be confirmed by mid-July. It should however be noted that Google could surprise us even further ahead of the times, dropping the release date by the end of August, to wish the first devices ready to receive the awaited update (as always, the Nexus phablet) full of new adventures autumn aboard the last release.

Among them, there are sure to be two Nexus HTC that Google is preparing thanks to the know-how of the Chinese house, known for now as in the code Sailfish and Marlin. From what we can see, definitely the patience of Android-fans will be rewarded, given the number of changes in the new release (including the ability to interface with Google Daydream and virtual reality on top of the range): the end of summer, finally we find out all about the mysterious Android N.

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