AOC Agon AG271QG

The monitor manufacturer AOC has announced that from now on will be its new top of the range within your family Gaming Agon, Agon AG271QG 27-inch featuring technology monitor NVIDIA G-Sync and a whopping 165 Hz frequency, Among many other things.

AOC has managed to create with AG271QG Agon “almost” perfect monitor for Gaming. On the one hand incorporates an IPS-Like (Ahva) panel that has everything good in this type of panels (deeper colors, high saturation, higher color gamut, better viewing angles, etc.) but its main disadvantage as It has a response time of only 4 ms GtG (and could not be otherwise considered Gaming to monitor, of course).

AOC Agon AG271QG

To ensure the best gaming experience, this new member of the family of monitors Agon has acclaimed G-Sync technology that allows your refresh rate is variable and controlled by the graphics card (in this case between 42 and 165 Hz nothing less), creating a perfect environment fluency image. Moreover, as Flicker-free technology it incorporates anti flicker, although we are glued to the monitor for hours not suffer eyestrain. By the way, your panel has the impressive resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

In fact, AOC has been used thoroughly in the section on ergonomics, thinking that this top-end monitor will be geared to the most demanding Gamers who want the very best for hours and spend hours in front of the screen. For this reason, in addition to technology Flicker-free has been built with a support called Ergo Dial, which incorporates a scale to adjust the height and tilt of the monitor to the millimeter, and so that the user can point the values ​​of the position that is most comfortable to “set” always to your liking in a few seconds.


The bad news, of course, part is that a monitor with these technical features might not be exactly cheap. AOC has said the Agon AG271QG hit stores from the month of July at a recommended retail price of 799 euros.

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