AOC has announced the launch of its new Agon AG352QCX monitor, with an impressive ultra-wide array LED-VA 35-inch, 200 Hz refresh rate compatible with AMD FreeSync, and a 2000D curl for exceptional immersion.

It must be recognized that AOC is gradually being overcome, and if I remember, this is the first monitor in the market that has an ultra widescreen (21: 9 aspect ratio) curved with FreeSync technology on the market, and With 200 Hz maximum refresh rate which is not little to say.

Thanks to its 2000D curvature and its extra width, the Agon AG352QCX AOC creates an exceptional immersive effect, making the user focus on the screen and nothing more. In addition, thanks to its 200 Hz refresh rate with Adaptive Sync, the effects of tearing and ghosting are almost completely eliminated, making it ideal for gamers. As if this were not enough, the monitor has a response time of only 4 ms GtG, but with the Low Input Lag mode and the shadow control the sensation of the player is of a total fluidity.



The matrix is ​​35-inch LED-VA and resolution 2560 x 1080 pixels, giving the player an extra on both sides that in many cases impacts on a competitive advantage by having more space in sight. In addition, and in case you did not know, when watching movies in American format full screen (which are 21: 9) remove the horizontal bands, so the entire screen will be occupied by the video that we are watching.

In addition to everything already mentioned, as usual in AOC this new member of the Agon family has all the technologies for sight-rest and ergonomics, including height and tilt adjustment, low blue light, flicker free and more.

AOC will put in store this new Agon AG352QCX at a recommended price of 799 euros as of December of this same year. Below you can see their complete technical specifications.

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