ASRock Z170A-X1/3.1

ASRock Taiwanese manufacturer based industry leader boards, which presented the first motherboard with USB 3.1 connectivity whose market price will be below € 100 when it’s released. We talked about the new ASRock Z170A-X1 / 3.1, motherboard aimed at modern processors with LGA 1151 socket core Skylake and shall be provided with the latest developments and innovations ASRock for its users.

The new ASRock Z170A-X1 / 3.1 is manufactured using the most advanced techniques available in the design. The PCB of the motherboard is manufactured using a new fiberglass fabric that helps prevent the accumulation of moisture between layers of fiberglass that compose it, and thus prevent potential short circuits that may occur in climates with a concentration of much higher than the normal humidity. Have also been used to manufacture new chokes 50A which allow a change of status much faster than more traditional chokes 20 A and a saturation current much better, so that the life of the processor is extended to use a cleaner stream of parasitic noise.

The use of solid state capacitors is indispensable to extend the life of the integrated on-board components to understand when designing its new ASRock ASRock model Z170A-X1 / 3.1 where all capacitors are of this type.

Of course, the motherboard features support for DDR4 RAM memory, but ASRock goes further and increases the speed of the memory board supports up to 3,466 MHz for its users to have the latest and most extreme memory available when assemble your new computer. The plate allows installation of up to 64 GB of RAM DDR4 DIMM four individual modules of up to 16GB.

ASRock Z170A-X1

The star of the new ASRock Z170A-X1 / 3.1 is, of course, the inclusion of support for USB 3.1 on the motherboard itself. The new standard, with its reversible connector doubles the theoretical transfer rate of data from the current USB 3.0, from 5 Gbps to 10 Gbps. This solution was hitherto reserved for much more expensive but ASRock motherboards once again shows that it is not necessary to make a large financial outlay to have the latest technologies at our disposal.

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