ASUS Chromebooks compatible with Android Apps

Google has announced that from the end of this year, will enable a new feature in its Chrome OS that Chromebooks allow install own Android applications. Asus has not lost time and has already announced the list of its supported Chromebooks with these Android apps for Chrome OS.

This new feature will get even more power out of the Chromebook versatile, simple, inexpensive computers and a huge battery life (usually). Since the announcement of Google, developers have to work to adapt their applications, designed for smartphone and tablet, the Chromebook so that they can be used with keyboard and mouse.

ASUS Chromebooks 2

ASUS Chromebooks 2

ASUS Chromebooks 3

ASUS Chromebooks

Asus C300

Asus already has spent several years with Chromebooks in its catalog, and collaborating with developers of Chrome OS for your hardware is fully compatible with this operating system. Now the manufacturer has announced the list of its Chromebooks that will be fully compatible with Android Apps, as we said earlier, come from the end of this year. The manufacturer also wanted to note that not only their laptops Chromebooks will be compatible with Android apps, but also its Chromebit (in stick format) and boxed format Chromebook liter.


The list published by Asus is:

Chromebook C201 (239 euros).
Chromebook C202SA (259 euros).
Chromebook C300SA (299 euros).
Chromebook C300MA (299 euros).
Chromebox CN62 (239 euros).
Chromebit CS10 (119 euros).
All these products are already on sale, and can check their features and technical specifications on the Asus website. Incidentally, in this case Asus was the first to publish the list of compatible equipment, but it will be expected that both HP and other manufacturers to do the same Chromebook rather than later.

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