Asus E3 Pro Gaming V5 Xeon Skylake

Some changes in the architecture of microprocessors Skylake is having positive effects facing the CPU and memory overclocking, but Intel has used to launch two specific chipsets for Intel Xeon Skylake. In general, according to the company, are aimed at a professional audience, and that means that the idea to workstations.

Therefore companies are slowly releasing plates for C232 and C236 chipset, and yesterday said a couple of plates of MSI for the latter chipset. Now comes a plate with C232 chipset Asus, which is the cheaper of the two, and that does not support ECC memory (error control), important when working on computer.

Pro Gaming E3 V5
So the plate is called Asus Gaming E3 Pro V5 (precisely because it is not oriented to work, and therefore it is not just for a workstation). It is a standard Asus gaming board with ethernet and audio chipsets for games (better sound quality and lower latency for example), a M.2 slot connectors Gen 2 USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C in Part back, and does not include video output because the board itself Xeon generally not included.

The Intel Xeon Skylake are not now widely available, but I think I’ll have to keep them under control if (and Intel) companies are thinking to guide the Xeon to an enthusiastic audience of video games and not just professionals and server environments. It is a gap that was occupying the Haswell-E processors, so in part I think Intel and companies are adding noise when choosing a PC

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