ASUS G20 Skylake Geforce GTX 980

It is surely one of the gaming compact desktops most successful recent months. Powerful, compact design and anything but conventional. We already analyzed long ago, but now has changed considerably.

ASUS G20 Skylake Geforce GTX 980 2

ASUS G20 Skylake Geforce GTX 980

This new version introduces significant changes. Chispset first, now becomes a H170 Intel. Second, new Skylake Intel LGA1151 socket are incorporated. Specifically ASUS has opted for a Core i7-6700 3.4GHz frequently. This processor will accompany a powerful Geforce GTX 980.

This new version brings other innovations. Now we can mount drives or PCIe M.2 AHCI NVMe and also we can assemble up to 32GB DDR4 memory. The previous model only reached the 16GB of DDR3 memory.

Wi-AC or Bluetooth 4.0 are some of its features. This model, which so far announced only in Asia will have a price of around 2000 Euros

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