Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Dual

Asus has announced the GeForce GTX 1070 Dual new GTX-1070 version. Compared to the previous ROG Strix graphic cards comes with the GTX 1070 Dual a smaller cooler with only two fans are used. Through its compact size, the factory overclocked GTX can be 1070 Dual used in more cases than its big brother.

In addition to the existing GTX 1070 with Strix cooling solution Asus now offers the Asus Dual GTX 1070th Compared to the Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 is the dual GTX 1070 shorter and narrower, which has a higher compatibility with more enclosures result. The Asus Dual GTX 1070 (model name: DUAL-GTX1070-O8G) is the fifth GTX-1070 model from Asus. Contrary to the name, it does not is a card with two GPUs, the name refers to the number of fans.

The Dual Geforce GTX 1070 uses a white radiator cover with a height of two slots and a black PCB. The PCB is a development of Asus, there is no reference board used. A backplate is absent; whether the radiator cover made of metal or plastic is, is not known. As the name suggests, the cooler is equipped with two fans. This is the patented Wing-blade fan of Asus. According to the manufacturer they should be particularly efficiently. The graphics card is powered by a single eight-pin connector with power. Unlike Nvidia’s reference model are located on the Dual Geforce GTX 1070, a DVI and two display port and HDMI ports. The GPU has a default clock of 1,582 MHz and clocked at 1,771 MHz in Boost. Compared to Nvidia’s reference model, this is a moderate overclocking of up to five percent. The video memory is clocked as the reference model effectively with 8,000 MHz.

For details on pricing and release date are not known, the dual Geforce GTX 1070 is not yet listed in PCGH price comparison. It is expected that the dual Geforce GTX 1070 classifies priced between the cheaper cards with Direct Heat Exhaust-cooling and the more expensive ROG Strix models. However, it is known that the dual Geforce GTX is 1070 released in Germany

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