ASUS Q552 and ASUS Q553

ASUS Q552 is the name of a notebook currently on sale only in the US at a price of $ 999 and probably reserved only for the market, but not to be underestimated. It ‘a hybrid convertible, because it has a display that can rotate 360 ​​degrees on a single zip that runs the full piano keyboard, transforming the device in tablet mode and intermediate tent and stand. Its hardware equipment is behind the times: it has an Intel Core i7-6500U (Skylake) to 2.6GHz, 12GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive, DVD burner and Nvidia GeForce 940M, more than enough to handle the resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) touch display 15.6 inches. Runs on Windows 10.

So ASUS Q552 is a good mainstream notebook convertible reminiscent (at least as a concept) the other hybrid of Taiwanese society, Transformer Book Flip TP500, not updated for almost a year. Although not perfectly coincide in size and weight but ASUS Q552 is more powerful and versatile. It seems clear, although at the moment we do not know the reasons, that ASUS has decided to retire its notebook range Transformer Book, creating a new series that will continue to support in the future.

The Q-Series, in fact, has a ASUS Q551 (predecessor of Q552) now almost impossible to find an ASUS 13.3-inch Q302 and Q553 a new ASUS, which is not yet present on the official website of Taiwan but has already passed in the laboratories FCC. His briefcase is full of documents: There are the classic certification of wireless modules, as well as exterior and interior photos of the notebook, as well as the user manual. But what is the difference between an ASUS Q553 and Q552 an ASUS, if it is already up to date?
Hard to say right now, because we do not have a technical dell’ASUS Q553 but we can make some assumptions. For certain, the next model will have a USB Type-C (you can see on the right side of the exterior photos) absent in Q552, but that is only provided by USB 3.0. The update would stop at that, a bit ‘as we saw the ASUS ASUS N551 and N552, but if the rumors about the new Nvidia are confirmed, the ASUS Q553 could also integrate a new GeForce 940MX. Why not? Probably, we will know more at CES 2016 in less than two weeks. Stay tuned

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