Asus ROG Claymore

A few weeks ago we told you that Asus was preparing the launch of a new family of high-end mechanical keyboards, the ROG Claymore, and the moment of the launch has now arrived, although it has certainly surprised the public since even its version Core , The most basic, has a selling price of 170 euros, above what cost many high-end mechanical keyboards.

In principle the ROG Claymore family will consist of two models, the normal Claymore ROG and the Core version, a TKL version (without a numeric keypad). Asus presumes that this is the first mechanical keyboard in the world with a numeric keypad to remove and put, although from now I say that Asus should not know the manufacturer Tesoro because they already have this in their catalog since they launched the Tizona back in April 2014.

Both models incorporate Cherry MX LED RGB mechanisms in Red, Blue, Brown and Black versions, complemented by Asus Aura Sync RGB software that is able to synchronize keyboard lighting with other Aura-compatible products such as the manufacturer’s motherboards. Likewise, the software allows the configuration of the individual lighting key by key, with different effects and in 16.8 million colors.


The numeric pad is as we said remove and put, and can be placed to the left or to the right of the keyboard, as the user prefers. Remember that the Core version of this device does not have this numeric pad. The advantage of being able to put it to the left is, in addition to left-handed users, to be able to use the pad as macro keys in games, because of course this is also configurable by the software.

Needless to say, the Claymore ROG has complete anti-ghosting (N-Key Rollover), on-the-fly recording of macros, and an interesting Asus-only feature which is that when using this keyboard along with an Asus compatible motherboard, Use its illumination to reflect the temperature of the processor. Curious and useful, the truth.

ROG Claymore

The bad part is the price. The keyboard has a very good look, the truth, but considering that Asus has already put on sale the Core version of the keyboard, which comes without numeric pad and without resting dolls, for 170 euros in stores in Spain, makes us think that Full version to be released on November 14 will surely cost about 219 euros. I do not know if Asus has gone out of hand or what is going through your head lately with prices.

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