ASUS ROG G11 GeForce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070

New update for ASUS PC Gaming targati and in particular those of the ROG line; we talk about the G11 desktop system introduced last year but now updated with the latest GPU from Nvidia proposals.

Despite being a product of the line ASUS ROG, the G11 retains all in all a fairly straightforward design and not exaggerated, it will be available in two variants G11CB and G11CD; the first features a Intel chipset H170, the second a cheaper H110. Not surprisingly, the G11CB variant is more expensive since it because of the chipset supports M.2 SSD PCI-E x4.
Another difference is found on the video; the G11CB can mount a 1080 GTX or GTX 1070, while G11CD offers another alternative with the GeForce 1060 GTX.

Like other PC targati ASUS, the G11 can be configured, all with processors Skylake Core i7 or Core i5 and DDR4 RAM; at the time we did not find these models on the Italian market, but we note that has a list G11CD with Core i7 6700, 16GB DDR4, GeForce 1080 GTx and SSD 512 GB to about $ 1,800.
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