Asus ROG GX700

The Asus ROG GX700 laptop is oriented to the world of gamers. A gamer team noted for the inclusion of a liquid cooling module for overclocking and a powerful graphics card NVIDIA. In addition, this model has a 17.3-inch panel 4K UHD that allows us to play the games with an impressive level of detail. And all with the strengthening of two memory cards PCIe SSD 256 GB or 512 GB RAID function to multiply the speed of disk. The laptop for gamers Asus ROG GX700 is available for a price of 4,500 euros. We tell you all the details.

The gamer world has a new member. The Asus ROG GX700 is a model that comes with wanting to stomp. This laptop for gamers bet on a format 17.3-inch screen. A panel which has IPS technology to improve viewing angles and brightness with excellent resolution 4K UHD 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. This resolution is four times the detail of a traditional panel with Full HD. In addition, the display has integrated NVIDIA G-Sync technology. It is a technology that corrects synchronization problems between the screen and graphics card to avoid tearing effects (the annoying horizontal stripes) occur.

Asus ROG GX700 2

Asus ROG GX700

Asus ROG GX700

Speaking of graphics card, Asus ROG GX700 commitment to NVIDIA GTX 980 with 8 GB of dedicated memory. The whole technical team is completed with an Intel Core processor and a sixth generation 32GB RAM. A guarantee not to stay lying in no time. The Taiwanese company also wanted to highlight the inclusion of external liquid cooling module ROG Overclocking Hydro System. This system serves to maximize the power of Intel Core processor i7-6820HK included. With this module, the chip can reach speeds of up to 4 points GHz, with a performance improvement of up to 48%. And all the while maintaining a stable temperature so that the user experience is the ideal laptop.

Another point we would like to highlight is its internal memory. Asus has included a dual PCIe SSD card type which greatly improves the performance of traditional SSD cards. In addition, these cards (with capacity of 256 GB each or 512 GB each) were configured in RAID 0. This means that all data being written are divided between the two two discs, which is a key enhancement in its speed.

In terms of design, we soon realize that this is a gamer model, by using very modern forms or backlight red logo of the casing, keyboard and even own cooling system. Complete Asus ROG GX700 measures are at 42.9 x 30.9 x 3.5 centimeters and weigh up to 3.6 kilos. The dock adds ROG Overclocking System Hydro 4.8 kilos. This laptop is now available for gamers in the market for the not inconsiderable figure of 4,500 euros.

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