The gaming notebook is a leading sector for PC sales, virtually the only one on which you are able to make acceptable profit margins. When a company decides to withdraw from the notebook market often takes refuge in one of the gaming machines, or on the contrary those who have a history of producing laptops gamemachine chooses to approach this market. We did not leave names for the sake of guessing what brand we were talking about; you can tell us in the comments.

For these reasons, 2015 was a pivotal year for this category of products and has been marked by a greater focus on user requests. Finally some manufacturer has installed mechanical keyboards on its laptops, Intel has launched a series of fully overclockable processors like those desktops, Nvidia has released a desktop GPUs in a format compatible with the notebook chassis and has realized the dream, long cultivated, a notebook liquid-cooled.



Apart from some experiments in the past, ASUS ROG GX700 is in fact the world’s first notebook with liquid cooling. We saw live at IFA 2015 in September and you can read our report at this address, but at the time the operation of the cooling system was explained only in general terms. We knew there was a dock containing the external radiator and the pump which channeled the coolant nell’Asus GX700 through a separate conduit than in the ordinary cooling system, but nothing else.

But today, thanks to Techradar, we are finally able to discover all the secrets of the liquid cooling of the GX700. We start by recalling briefly the specific dell’ASUS GX700 (ASUS GX700VO specifically). There is a processor Intel Core Skylake i7-6820HK accompanied 64GB DDR4 memory (max) and a GPU Nvidia GeForce 980 with 8GB GDDR5 (not to be confused with the 980M), all in a chassis strangely thin and weighing less to 4 kg.
ASUS ROG GX700 in a technical drawing

The only GPU has a TDP of 145W (for technical details, but if the ASUS GX700 is not connected to dock may not exceed 105W) that is added to that of the Intel (45W, 35W SDP) making just enough power supply 180W used to power the notebook when not in dockata mode. Connected to the docking station, you unlock the ability to overclock the components and then ASUS has provided a 330W power supply!
The docking station houses the cooling liquid
Hence the idea of ​​using liquid cooling to dissipate the enormous Quanita heat produced by these chips. If you have seen live some liquid cooling system for the desktop, you will know that they are very bulky and therefore it was not possible to enter one directly inside the frame. The solution to the problem is the docking station that accompanies the ASUS ROG GX700, and that houses inside the radiator, pump and fan by 90mm.
The cooling system dell’ASUS ROG GX700
The image above clearly shows the structure of the cooling system inside the notebook: as we knew there is a pipeline copper dedicated to liquid cooling, which works in tandem but separately from the standard cooling system. The latter includes two fans and two copper heat pipes that run through the entire notebook longitudinally; some PC makers are crossing the pipeline of the GPU and CPU to achieve greater efficiency, while the GX700 the two pipelines are the same; through the components at the ends and open into front of the fans positioned at the corners of the frame.
To loosen the risk of losses in the circuit liquid cooling, ASUS has designed a system that provides a perfect alignment with the laptop. Only if the dock and notebook are aligned you can close the system to lock in place by a visible mechanical lever. Two connectors to the valve for the passage of the cooling liquid ensures that the system is airtight.
The striking lever has not only an aesthetic value
ASUS ROG GX700 was expected before Christmas 2015 at a price of 4,500 euro but for the moment has not yet appeared on the lists of stores and in the meantime its prices have already risen to around 6,000 Euros.

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