The latest market figures confirm a known trend: notebooks are slightly down, the tablet settle down, but the combination of notebook and tablet in one device will attract customers and generate sales. You have to give credit to ASUS to have been able to anticipate this trend with its in Transformer brand products, but in more recent times the Taiwanese House has not devoted to convertible 2in1 the attention they deserved, leaving room for competitors. The original concept of the tablet with keyboard dock typical of ASUS Transformer were complemented by new interpretations of the 2in1 theme that revolutionized the mobile computing industry, such as folding Lenovo Yoga or tablets with keyboard on the cover of the Microsoft Surface model.

In 2016, however, it seems that ASUS is determined to catch up with a range of laptop broader and more diversified convertible tablet, as evidenced by the many rumors and leaks that we are collecting on Notebookitalia. First a Surface-like tablet was the terminus of the slides of the ASUS financial statement, it has been featured on a new edition of the FCC ASUS Transformer Book Chi with a keyboard dock equipped with an auxiliary battery, and today we add a new piece to the puzzle under the name of ASUS UX360.
ASUS UX360 2

ASUS UX360 3

The ASUS list already includes many ultra-thin ultraportables to UX suffix, all belonging to the family Zenbook. What makes these products immediately recognizable is the incredibly slim design and use of premium materials such as aluminum block with decorations and surface treatments of great elegance. For a manufacturer like ASUS that has always linked its name to the industry of laptops, ultabook Zenbook series represent the culmination of their experience and are a source of pride and pride.

Consequently, our expectations about the new ASUS Zenbook UX360 is very high. Unfortunately, however, we have to postpone any comment about aesthetics and materials to a future contribution because in the time of this writing has not leaked any pictures of these new laptops. Instead, we have a variety of information about the technical specifications and even price for Europe because, as often happens, the online stores have anticipated the official launch of the Zenbook UX360 publishing already in their price lists the configurations of the first model of the series, ASUS UX360CA.

At the same time the body of American certification FCC began testing on a ASUS X360C clear sign that these notebooks will come soon in the United States. The name recalls that of the ASUS Zenbook UX305CA presented recently and equipped with Intel Core M processors of the sixth generation, displays from 13.3 “, LPDDR3 memories and storge SSD M.2 2280 up to a maximum of 512GB, all in an ultra-slim chassis metal in three colors, Ceramic White, Aurora metallic and Obsidian Stone.

Characteristics which is also found in the data sheets of the first ASUS Zenbook UX360CA appeared on online lists. M3-6Y30 use Intel Core processors, SSD M.2 by 128-256GB and screens from 13 “qHD touch with glossy finish (there will also be in with a Full HD display input configurations). A distinguishing UX360CA by UX305CA would, however, a small but significant detail: the first could be convertible tablet!

We use the conditional because we have not yet official confirmation but our conclusion is supported both by the documents published by the FCC that speak of a “Pad mode”, a “tablet mode” (quote verbatim “When in PAD mode, Reduce the Output Power through firmware “) is the online shop that refer to a hinge” Flip-metal “. We remind that “Flip” is the name chosen by ASUS to describe the screen hinges which allow rotation to 360 degrees and this figure could also represent the reason why the new series of laptops has taken the initials UX360.
Judging from the online pre-sales, the ASUS UX360CA expected to reach store shelves in late April and early May 2016 at a price of around 1000 €. Within the same period we expect to be able to give the most reliable information on this mysterious family of notebooks

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