Asus X200MA Netbook

Those looking for a highly mobile, low-cost companion for simple tasks like surfing and Office, while in convertibles and touchscreens sees no added value, is still in conventional Netbooks, such as the 11.6-inch Asus X200MA which we tested in the variant BING KX366B have, find it for lean Rates from 250 euros. For a great Berlin Compare the time of testing were no less than 12 variants of X200MA find that are either black or white, differ in terms of CPU and memory and to be partially equipped with touchscreens.

The tester is powered by in this segment very popular and fuel-efficient dual-core SoC Intel Celeron N2830 with integrated HD graphics, which is overwhelmed with power-hungry software and suitable games at best for very old and / or graphically undemanding (2D). Also contributes to the netbook-typical lean RAM capacities of 2 GB. In similar performance and price regions marshalled to potential competitors, we have picked out for our benchmarks: Lenovo S20-30, Toshiba Satellite L10-radius 11 B-101, Medion Akoya MD 99430 P2214T and Acer Aspire V3-111P-P06A.

Cover back and base surface of the all-black plastic Bombers have a fine, anti-slip knobs pattern, screen frame and bottom made of plain, brushed plastic. Fingerprints are visible, but do not look too bad from. By design, the standard fare is announced, individual visual accents in vain.

With some force, the base could be twisted a little and crackled here, but overall the housing acts as the pressure-sensitive cover sufficiently rigid and solid. Handed opening can write one, but the display does not swing by in the least what comes to meet the mobile application as in the car or train as well as the low weight of around 1.2 kg. Apart from the click pad (see below), we have no major processing deficiencies found edges are at most about minimal, the gaps are even.

Lack removable battery and service door comes close only to the interior, if one removes the secured with seven screws base plate, which can be harmful to the guarantee and warranty. The data sheet to be removed connectivity surpasses the expectations of this class of device, even a little. Prima: Asus placed the ports ergonomically favorable at the rear of the site. Nevertheless, it was saved on the built-in modules for dual band WLAN (ac), Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth do not dominate.

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