ASUS ZenBeam, ZenPower Ultra and Zenny Selfie Stick

ASUS Wikipedia describes as “a company with headquarters in Taipei (Taiwan) that produces motherboards, graphics cards, optical drives, PDAs, laptops, mobile phones, computers, cooling systems for computers, accessories for networking as a modem / router and Supplies computer “, but it seems that its core business is gradually moving from the desktop to the ultra. Looking at the financial results of the company relative to Q3 2015, discussed in the last conference for investors, we note that, during the course of 2015, ASUS has sold more tablets and smartphones and PC, with a difference of millions of units It will make considerable in Q4 2015 with 5.8m computers (including notebooks 5.2m) against 9m mobile (including 7m smartphones). You will be surprised to learn that, for 2018, ASUS is expected to triple the data, and then, probably, it will be more correct to consider a smartphone manufacturer rather than notebook.

ASUS ZenBeam

Just for the new vision, in the last year, ASUS has pushed the accelerator on smartphones multiplying Zenfone and ZenPad. The report does not reveal to investors new to the field and ultramobile, at least until the end of 2015 with regard to smartphones, the Taiwanese company will focus on new Zenfone Laser 2, Zenfone Selfie, Zenfone Zoom and Zenfone 2 Deluxe, but will accompanied by new accessories. There is everything: external batteries, flash, projectors, cover and sympathetic selfie stick.
ASUS ZenBeam, ZenPower Ultra and Zenny Selfie Stick
ASUS ZenPower, the power bank “Zen” useful to extend the autonomy of the smartphone for the entire working day even with heavy use, will be available in two versions: Dual ZenPower 10,500 mAh and ZenPower Ultra 20,100 mAh, which should give twice the charge (battery life) than the model “dual”;
ZenBeam is instead a portable, pocket-sized projector, which can connect to the smartphone via a cable and adjust the focus with a dedicated button on the frame. We have no technical data;
Zenny Selfie Stick is a cute selfie stick, black and orange, with the image of an owl.
ASUS ZenFlash, Lolliflash and View Flip Cover instead are nothing new, even for a few weeks you can find on the Italian market. At the moment we do not know when ASUS decides to make official the new accessories, but probably we will see them live at CES 2016, and there we will have some information on availability and prices.

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