Asus ZenBook 3

The Asus ZenBook 3 in thinner and lighter than the Apple MacBook. That is the slogan or the letter of one of the new portable models brand based in Taiwan. Not that journalists have rushed to draw parallels between the two, but the very company director, Jonney Shih, bragged about it during the official presentation.

11.9 mm, nine percent thinner than the MacBook and thirty thinner than the Apple Air model. Just over a centimeter thick for a computer that also claims to be “the world’s most prestigious portable”. A terse such as dimensions must be given a weight of 910 grams.

Asus ZenBook 3 2

Asus ZenBook 3

With this release Asus aims to compete directly with Apple, not only for the staging and comparative constants of its CEO. For colors available have also been inspired by the Cupertino brand: Royal Blue, the only original color; Quartz Grey, typical color of Apple and Rose Gold, which have not even been shy to change the name.

Another of the pearls that the director of the Taiwanese company released during his presentation at Computex is that your computer is “better than both” referring to the two models of the brand apple with which compared throughout the presentation.

zenbook asus apple macbook

The ZenBook 3 is the company laptop with a larger screen size-relationship, with a percentage of 82. A 12.5-inch screen (a less than Apple models) made with Gorilla glass, a reader fingerprint, full size keyboard and touchpad glass covered patented at the time by the American company, are some of the most outstanding features by Mr. Shih during the launch of this new laptop.

At the moment it hit the market with an i7 processor and a memory tera for a price of $ 2,000 (about 1,700 euros). 1500 (1250 €) if you do not mind having half the memory.

One of the common problems of the finest and lightest models is its durability and resistance to impact or falls. According to the Asian company, the ZenBook 3 is assembled with 6061, also called aerospace aluminum, which would up to 50% harder and stronger than the average notebook market.

The battery would have a range of up to nine hours to fully operational, raised to be used as computer main use. Most interesting it time to recharge the battery as it has a technology that can provide fast charged up to 60% energy in exactly 49 minutes.

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