ASUS ZenBook UX305CA

The UX305CA is a new variant of the UX305 I tested in February. In terms of housing, there is no difference from the previous UX305. However, ASUS ZenBook UX305CA now delivers in two colors, black and Tital Gold. In contrast to the variant, the black screen housing of the gold variant does not contain a circle formation pattern. The housing is made of aluminum and is robust over, there are no places where you can press the case. The keyboard and touchpad are the same as in the previous variant. The chiclet keyboard tap still excellent, but is not equipped with key lighting. Too bad, because that really is a handy addition. The spacious touchpad works fine, but does have a little too audible click. Read also: ASUS ZenBook UX305 – Thin, light and silent.

ASUS brings ZenBook UX305CA in the Netherlands in three versions on the market. I tested the cheapest model with a Full HD display, 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. It is available in black and gold. In addition, a variant with a Full HD screen, 128 GB SSD in combination with 8 GB RAM which only in black is for sale. The most expensive variant has a high resolution screen and a 256 GB SSD combined with 4GB of RAM. In terms of connections you get in all cases, three USB3.0 ports, a micro-HDMI (version 1.4) and an SD card reader. As with the previous embodiment, is the RAM memory is soldered to the motherboard. The SSD is a M.2 copy of Micron, which utilizes the SATA protocol. These can possibly replace a larger one.
Slightly faster processor

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All versions ASUS has placed the same Core m3-6Y30. This is an energy-efficient processor from Intel Skylake generation with slightly higher clock speed than the Core M-5Y10 from the previous version. In benchmarks, the UX305CA slightly faster, but in practice you will not find a lot of brands. The UX305CA is thus suitable for all everyday activities and thanks to the SSD whole feels smooth to. Intel has also integrated GPU taken in hand, but ultimately you have here in practice little to. Despite the increased power, gaming is still not possible. Pity is that the battery life has not improved. According to ASUS, the UX305CA depending on the use of battery life between eight and eleven. That’s very optimistic, a battery time of around seven hours is more realistic.

Faster communication

One small downside of the first ZenBook UX305 was that the laptop does not support 802.11ac. Earlier this year it was not so bad, but now has really become the standard 802.11ac. Fortunately UX305CA supports the new Wi-Fi standard. The adapter used is an Intel Wireless AC 7265, a card with two antennas for maximum link speed of 867 Mbit / s. A surprise is that also the wired network connection is improved, while that according to the specification is not the case. As with the first ZenBook UX305 we find a USB network adapter in the box. In contrast to the previous variant ASUS now has fortunately opted for a gigabit performance. It is also necessary: ​​a reduction of 100 Mbit / s is really not of this time.
Matte screen

The first UX305 I tested in the most expensive version with a high resolution screen, the UX305CA I tested the version with a Full HD screen. The 13,3inch screen uses an IPS panel with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The technology allows for very good viewing angles. Pleasant is that the screen is matte finished making you less bothered by glare.


ASUS has the popular ZenBook UX305 in the shape of the UX305CA given a slight update. The base is about the same notebook that stands out for its well-finished housing and lack of active cooling so you can still do your job. The energy-efficient processor is a Core m3-6Y30 from Intel’s latest-generation Skylake, but is still not a speed monster. Still, you can work fine on the UX305CA and feels the laptop by the SSD to really fast. The used Full HD screen is of excellent quality and the matte finish give this little affected by incident light. Pleasant is that the UX305CA now also on board Netherlands 802.11ac and the supplied mains adapter supports gigabit. An enclosed sleeve completes the package. It is unfortunate that the UX305CA like its predecessor, has only 4 GB of RAM. For fifty euro more, you can now opt for a model with 8 GB of RAM. The tested entry-level version with a price of 799 Euros anyway become fifty euros more expensive compared to its immediate predecessor. This is due to the weaker euro exchange rate against the dollar. Yet ZenBook UX305CA remains attractively priced.

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