Today, virtually every manufacturer produces light expensive laptops with cool stuffing and stylish appearance. Who needs such a device? Gamer, play your favorite products in any place, wealthy businessmen, watching their style. For those users who do not want to strain your laptop for serious games that look a laptop does not mean absolutely nothing, ASUS has released a very interesting model with a light and compact body, stuffing and productive high-quality display. It is the ideal machine for working with documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, or presentations. You can put the product into his bag and did not feel it during long journeys, or walking. We recommend that this gadget is a student writing a lecture on laptops, journalists and programmers, active users and those who just want a cheap laptop itself. Let us appreciate it.



The basis was the laptop processor from Intel, and you can choose one of the three proposed models. The junior model is designed to work with the text and browsers – Intel Core i3-4010U. This processor copes poorly with images and video. Average i5-4200U model has more powerful and better work in the graphic editors, although power is still not enough. The older model i7-4500U processor is ideal for all kinds of work to cope with heavy graphics and high-resolution video. Depending on the model, of course, will change the price of the laptop. Integrated graphics subsystem and is not designed to run games – have fun with this product only with the help of movies and the Internet, but certainly not at the expense of shooters and racing. RAM, the user can set from 4 to 8 gigabytes, depending on their own needs.

Due to the fact that the laptop market to treat the budget, housing design is made very modest. The body is painted in a dark gray color, there is no bright detail design inserts, and so on. Gadget Cover is made of plastic coated with a deep texture, while inside the product is smooth and pleasing to the hand. The developers tried to make the device as easy as possible and thin – weighs only 1.7 kilograms. Even for ultrabook for a thousand dollars is a steep rate. The thickness of the new items as well make you lose a couple of times a notebook among the books.

The user can select the HDD drive to be installed in his laptop. You choose among 320, 500, 750 GB and 1 TB of memory – determine how much space you need for personal content and all. You can choose the reading speed of HDD, but do not forget that this also affects the price. Appreciate quality laptop screen with a diagonal of 14 inches and a resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels. The picture is excellent, especially since the display is made by technology IPS. In picking the notebook contains all the necessary communication modules, waterproof keyboard, a protective unit for the HDD, as well as a fingerprint scanner.

Despite the simplicity of design and filling the product, the device is more fun than one of its kind. You can easily carry with you the gadget to work or school, without straining from three to four kilograms in the bag, and the notebook can easily solve absolutely any problem you want to solve. Throw in a few extras like a HD-camera and memory card slot and you get an almost perfect ultrabook. The price is still not known, but ASUS promised low price tag.

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