Audio via USB Type-C

Not everyone has taken well the elimination of the audio jack on the latest iPhone and the reasons are different: some hold still far Connector 3.5 mm and do not intend to give it up, while others are open to change, but disappointed by the decision to use the Apple Lightning connector as a replacement, forcing the user to use these headsets only with the iPhone and not with other smartphones, tablets, notebooks as you usually do. And how blame him?

But this does not apply to Motorola and Leeco, which have already released the terminals with a Type-C USB able to replace the audio connector, although there are still not a standard. A few months later the USB Implementers Forum, ie the team of engineers and developers approving specifications for USB ports, has finally introduced the new standard for the transmission of audio signals to USB Type-C. In other words: earphones, headphones and speakers with USB Type-C will now be compatible with a wide range of devices, with the exception of the last iPhone.
Leeco Max 2

The USB Type-C is a small reversible plug, now widespread on Android smartphones and laptops with Windows (including economic). The connector is the same size of a microUSB, but the new standard supports speeds faster data transfer and more power output, allowing you to charge some smartphones / tablet and connect to an external monitor 4K. The Type-C USB port also replaces the conventional power connector on some notebooks. Unlike the Lightning port, therefore, the USB-C is an open standard that is used in a wide range of products of different brands and also its power consumption is similar to that of the 3.5 mm jack.
Although the official specifications of the new USB Audio Device Class 3.0 standard came only now, some manufacturers did not wait long: JBL Reflect Aware C were launched earlier this year, as well as Leeco Max 2, 2 and Le Le 2 Pro, but others will follow by return. It remains to be seen, however, if multiple USB-C ports will be integrated in a smartphone, to allow reloading terminal and listen to music simultaneously.

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