Be Quiet! Dark Base 900

The German Be Quiet! He has announced the official launch of its new family of 900 series Dark Base boxes, in principle two models available. In both cases it is oriented supertorres Premium product category, designed to accommodate systems within the highest range.

Both models, the Dark Base Dark Base 900 and Pro 900, feature elegant and minimalist aesthetic, but its features are quite far from the latter. Among other things, incorporate ambient lighting with LED strips, with a large side window to see inside (tinted tempered glass). The Pro model also has a wireless protocol Qi charger for mobile phones.
Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 3

Be Quiet! Dark Base 900 2

The Be Quiet Dark Base 900 is a fully modular interior design, allowing the user to insert and remove racks of disks and even can install the rotated motherboard if the user wants (the rear can be unscrewed and turn to that effect) thus leaving a huge space to install custom liquid cooling components.

Dark Base BQ 900 2

But besides having a great compatibility of liquid cooling systems, the Dark Base 900 has a design flow of air at the highest level. Series, three of the famous fans include Be Quiet! SilentWings three PWM 140mm to ensure that the airflow is optimal within supplemented with design grids L-shaped to maximize the efficiency of the fan when insertion and removal of air inside the box . It also has noise suppression elements on the front, top and side to ensure quiet operation, which is complemented by a fan controller that supports up to four units (three in the Dark Base 900).

Dark Base BQ 900

The Dark Base 900 and Pro version are now available in Germany at a price of 199 euros for the standard version and 249 euros for the Pro version. At the moment it is not known when they will arrive to Spain, but considering that this is a European manufacturer may have to wait too long for this not

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