Beelink Intel BT3 TV Box

Beelink is less known in Europe, but in China is one of the most popular manufacturers of TV box because its wide offer can satisfy the needs of any type of customer, from the most economical (there are also Mini PC Beelink 30 EUR) to the more demanding. In recent days, the company announced a new model and the first Intel-based Cherry Trail and Windows 10. No coincidence that the last Mini PC called Beelink Intel and BT3, already reading its data sheet, we like.

When you think of a TV box multimedia activities, you almost always refer to models with Android, but not everyone thinks so: those looking for a Mini PC for productivity that, on certain occasions can also become a media-center, usually I opt for a computer with Windows 10 OS because this provides a certain versatility that Android is not able to offer.

Beelink Intel BT3 TV Box

Beelink Intel BT3 comes with an Intel Atom x5-Z8300, a quad-core processor with a frequency of 1.84GHz and a TDP of just 2W incorporating Intel HD graphics. The manufacturer adds (up to) DDR3L 2GB of RAM, the maximum supported by this chip, but surprising for storage. The Mini PC indeed has a dual-drive: 40GB + 20GB of storage space. At the moment we can not confirm it, but probably your 40GB eMMC high speed will serve for the installation of the OS, while the 20GB SSD will be useful for storing their data. Besides that you can expand the internal memory up to 128GB with a memory card.

Unlike other mini PCs, we note that Intel Beelink BT3 no discounts on connectivity: there is a HDMI 2.0 can play 4K content, a USB 3.0 port for connecting external devices, two USB 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi 802.11n dual -band (2.4 – 5 GHz) and RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet. The whole is enclosed in a frame simple and basic black polycarbonate (12 x 12 x 2.4 cm to 450 grams), suitable for both domestic and professional environment. Ah, it’s not clear, Windows 10 is pre-installed.

But we come to the price: Gearbest proposes preorder just over € 136, but using the coupon code “GBBT3” you will pay only € 131.39. The advance sale ends on January 16 and, from that date onwards, will start even shipments in Italy are free. If you plan to buy, eye to choose the version with EU plug adapters so you will not need to turn it on

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