Beelink Mini MXIII

The idea of ​​having a smart tv tickles but your TV set has a maximum Teletext? Luckily for you, several years are marketing some devices with Android operating system that may be for you.
In general, you are buying a TV box Android are going to extend the capabilities of your TV (or PC monitor) with all the features available on smartphones and tablets, so do not limit yourself to just watch the Italian radio-television content. If this brief introduction whets your attention, in this article I will tell you about a tested device in person and that makes flexibility its strong point.

It’s called Mini Beelink MXIII, and its data sheet is as follows:

SoC: Amlogic S905 Quad Core 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 with Mali 450 GPU (penta-core ARM) video support 4K 60 fps and H.265 codec / HEVC;
ROM: 16G eMMC;
Connectivity: IEEE 802.11 b / g / n (built-in); Bluetooth 4.0 (built-in); Infrared (IR remote control included);
SD expansion: Micro SD card slot up to 32GB;
Video Out: HDMI;
Audio Optical Dig.:SPDIF
Ethernet: LAN RJ45 to 1000 MBps (1 GBps)
USB ports: 2x USB 2.0
OS: Android 5.1 with Google Play pre-installed;

Since I have had the opportunity to test its capabilities, I decided to make a short video on the applications installed and the quality of streaming, of course, under the premise of not being a video-reviewer by profession and therefore in the limits of my ability:

Beelink Mini MXIII

As you will see in the video, the Mini Beelink MXIII is really small / pocket, having the sides by 96 mm and a height of just 16 mm. The device is equipped with one of the two USB and MicroSD input ports in the left side, while on the back is positioned the second USB port, the Gigabit LAN port, the car SPDIF output, the HDMI port and the entrance to the ‘ power. On the front, well hidden houses the infrared receiver.

With the device and its power supply EU will also receive a handy remote control IR:


As you might imagine, the use of this IR remote control is definitely convenient if you use Beelink Mini MXIII as a media center, for which the software installed Kodi makes it perfect! In fact, since the first ignition can use Kodi and all streaming plugin preinstalled. Although the use of some plugins, in Italy, is more or less possible / legal, it goes without saying that you can easily connect a device to your external hard drive, so you can play content in an easy and fast. We got to test the potential of this device is with the various streaming plugin that with the multimedia content on microSD flash: the streaming is smooth result, despite some problems regarding certain channels with url obsolete / falls, once you start a movie (and media in general, as well as an audio-only content) playback is not interrupted and continues smoothly. As for playback from MicroSD, the speech does not change, it will play 1080p MKV files (usually indigestible to some SoC not supported by an adequate software) without any lag whatsoever.

In addition to the specific functions of media center, but do not forget that this device has Android 5.1, as a result we were able to test the association of a bluetooth Mouse 4.0 (fully recognized) and the connection of a Microsoft USB keyboard, which is also recognized without any problem. After these two connections we tested internet browsing using Chrome browser, which showed no particular problems

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