BenQ Monitor EW3270ZL Eye Care

BenQ Monitor EW3270ZL Eye Care, BenQ has just introduced its new 2W EW3270ZL Eye Care monitor, a device with an exceptional AMVA + panel and the best technologies to prevent eye strain in users who spend many hours in front of their respective monitors, either for work or For fun reasons. This monitor not only uses technologies to reduce the emission of blue light, but also others that regulate the level of brightness in certain points of the screen so that the represented images are not over exposed.

Given the amount of hours that most of us spend in front of a monitor, whether studying, working or enjoying games or movies, it is clear that any initiative aimed at combating eye fatigue should not be dismissed and this is precisely what Tries to make BenQ with its new EW3270LZ, endowing it with Low Blue Light technology that is in charge of filtering the violet blue radiation (420-455 nm) so harmful to the eyes, while allowing that it allows to remain the turquoise blue (450-480 Nm) that is beneficial to us. BenQ Monitor EW3270ZL Eye Care

BenQ Monitor EW3270ZL Eye Care



The monitor also uses the anti-blinking technology that removes it from the LEDs on the screen, thus improving visual comfort, while using B.I technology. Tech that detects the luminosity of the environment in which we are in that moment, adjusting the one of the monitor in consonancia. BenQ Monitor EW3270ZL Eye Care

Turning now to the more technical part, the monitor uses an AMVA + matrix with support for 1,070 million colors (10 bits), covering 100% of the sRGB spectrum, which makes it a highly recommended option for fans to work with images, Whether static or in motion. In this respect, the panel uses a static contrast of 3.000: 1 to get a really perfect blacks, a brightness of 300 candelas and their viewing angles are 178º in the vertical and 178º in the horizontal.

As for the video inputs, the monitor has an HDMI and a mini DisplayPort (and is supplied with a HDMI cable of 1.5 m and another mini DP / DP of 1.8 m). It also includes a pair of 2W speakers and a headphone jack, in case you want to connect your headphones to the monitor and not to the computer.

BenQ has not provided data on when it will be available or what its market price will be.

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