Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga is a car among the most exclusive and refined now for sale: more than 200,000 Euros coast, passes the 300 km / h and promises the same comfort of a flagship, although the features and mechanics of an SUV. The men of the English house have had to resort to extraordinary technical solutions to develop such a challenging model, with – among other things – the most sophisticated of technologies to help guide and a system that improves visibility in night driving conditions . The Bentayga for example to cut cabling huge, weighing about 50 pounds, in which 90 are inserted between computers and control modules: the site Car and Driver reveals that technicians had to write more than 100 million lines of code, most of which in own language.
Bentley Bentayga
The network is specific for each car
The technicians of the English house have received the cables in the form of a large pallet because the car. The cables, for more, they had a very stiff consistency and it could not flex. These details are provided by the head of the production line, Peter Guest, or the man who oversees and controls such a laborious process. Guest has revealed that the wirings are customized from car to car, in relation to the chosen option, and that the plant consists of seven different networks. “All work at different rates and respond to different primary uses, but are integrated and exchange information – Guest continues -: we have a sensor for a single function, but each sensor responds to different tasks.” Among the sensors there are for example 12 of the parking, those that manage the 4 radar systems and those in support of 6 external cameras.

With the duplex network the plant is more simple
A network of this type assumes the multiplex name and satisfies the increase of content available on the most recent self introduction, calls to carry out even very complex functions: the system not only serves to lower the windows or turn on the lights, but also for manage the engine response, stability control, automatic transmission, active suspension and the multimedia system. The spread of multiplex networks has led to the reduction in the number of installed units and for wiring cables. The electrical system of the Bentayga, in other words, it is easier than it might have been. This despite its wiring harnesses weigh 10 times more than the cable car town.

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