BeoLink Multirrom

The music adapts to our pace of life and the arrival of new technologies more and more ways to enjoy it. At home, multiroom audio systems are very popular because they allow us to set our own music for the whole house or just one room. The main brands already offer several systems with speakers of different sizes to adapt to any home, but most of them require us to buy at least one speaker for each room. Bang & Olufsen goes a step further and bring us new BeoLink Multiroom system, an interesting way to create a multiroom audio system with equipment brand that the user already has, and is compatible with older computers.

BeoLink Multiroom

The BeoLink Multiroom is the new proposal of the prestigious Danish firm for multiroom sound systems are becoming so popular. Currently we have the music in your mobile phone, on the computer, stored in streaming music services, or even in the cloud. The variety of sources is too wide, so these systems are a good solution to listen to our favorite artists in our home, no matter where the music comes or what room we found. Multiroom provided for attaching BeoLink from Bang & Olufsen products to create that music at home with just a touch. Also, you do not need cables, an important point for easy configuration and incidentally keep that clean and polished designs of Bang & Olufsen style.

Like any other multiroom system, the BeoLink Multiroom can play music throughout the home or choose different styles for each room. You can drive through BeoSound Essence, discreet circular controller is placed in the wall we select music, the volume or move on to another song. It also comes with a mobile phone application Beo Music, with which it is much easier to configure playback for stays, for example can put classical music in the dining room and a little rock n ‘roll in the kitchen or on the terrace reggae. The application also allows to put the whole system in stand-by when we left home, so we can continue where we were when we return.

BeoLink Multiroom

The smart player BeoSound Moment is another of compatible devices with this system. With an elegant design solid wood, this device is learning about our tastes and we offer music that suits every moment of the day. It is also compatible with the speaker BeoPlay A9 and televisions and BeoVision Avant BeoVision 11. But BeoLink Multiroom also supports Bang & Olufsen oldest, although the BeoLink Converter adapter is required. If you become one of them you can also play music through your TV or turntable BeoSound 9000 Beogram 4000

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