BG ear Xonar IE

The brand for gamers BG expands its catalog of audio solutions aimed at the most hardened players with the addition of a new intraaural type headset, the Xonar IE, designed with players in mind especially on mobile devices, for which Have designed thinking of making them as light and portable as possible but, at the same time, the most resistant so they can withstand daily use and abuse.

The new Xonar IE headphones (where I think the acronyms IE refers to In Ear, ie intraaural) are small, rugged, extremely portable and have been developed to reproduce the sound with the fidelity of a good headphones, but with all The practical advantages of a minimalist design that will be pleasant in the eyes of its users.

The perfect intra-auditory seal of your silicone earpads (supplied in three different sizes with the headphones themselves) isolates you from external noise without pushing your ears so that your users can dive for hours in a clear, well defined sound ocean. With a powerful bass, without suffering habitual discomfort that are usually associated with the use of supra-aural helmets. In addition, the BG Xonar IE have an integrated microphone that allows them to be used as hands-free with a mobile phone or a tablet.


The headphones Xonar IE designed from the beginning to be able to overcome with note the test that supposes the passage of time with a continued use on the part of their owners: their flat cables prevent the annoying tangles typical of the more traditional round cables, While at the same time giving them greater wear resistance, and the small travel box supplied with the headphones itself is able to protect them from any blows they may suffer in their transport by using a padded interior but a rigid outer shell.

The new BG Xonar IE will be available in Spain in mid-December (just in time for the Christmas campaign) at a price of € 9.90.

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