BG Typhoon

BG has just introduced its new helmets for players HEADWORN called BG Typhoon, a headset designed by BG to be very comfortable for its users but also have the highest compatibility between different audio devices, and this is a personal computer, a mobile device such as a phone or tablet, or any of the latest consoles currently on the market.

BG Typhoon

It is well known that peripheral compatibility between different consoles has never been stronger, intentionally, manufacturers of these consoles. But having to use different audio devices for each console, or as between consoles and PC, it is a bit absurd. This little mess is what is offered to undo BG with their new helmets BG Typhoon since its design has been attempted to be compatible both with personal computers and with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles and even mobile devices, and be they tablets or smartphones.

Another aspect to consider when designing a good helmet is comfort, especially when users are players and will spend many hours with them on over their heads. Typhoon BG new headphones feature an adjustable headband and lightweight, providing maximum comfort to its users. As ergonomics is also very important when designing helmets, carry the new BG Typhoon volume controls located directly on the headphones themselves.

The sound quality is obviously one of the aspects that have to care a manufacturer of audio peripherals and in this case, BG has equipped its new helmets BG Typhoon headphones with an audio cone 40 mm, for its users any detail all the sound environment around them is not lost, either watching a movie, listening to music or in long gaming sessions. And thanks to the folding microphone, his playmates does not lose detail in his conversations with the owner thereof

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