Biostar Hi-Fi H170S3H Intel Skylake

Biostar announced the latest addition to its family of motherboards designed for the sixth generation of Intel processors (Skylake), in this case aimed at midrange and for users looking to upgrade from the previous generation, since the new Hi-Fi H170S3H is ready to work with DDR3 RAM memory instead of DDR4.

Biostar Hi-Fi H170S3H Skylake

Following the latter and to avoid problems, it is noteworthy that Biostar speaks in all cases, including in the White Book of the plate, RAM DDR3 and DDR3L not, so in principle and although they do not say expressly understand that modifications have been made with regard to the voltages of the DIMM socket so that there is no problem and the processor is not damaged when using DDR3 RAM, 1.5 and 1.65 volts.

Clarified this point, it is noteworthy that despite being a motherboard targeted to the mid-range and has a suggested retail price of $ 84.90, the Hi-Fi H170S3H provides an interesting set of features for Gaming systems, such as native support for solid-state devices in M.2 and PCI-Express interface format (instead of SATA 3), compatibility with various configurations SLI / CrossFireX graphics cards thanks to the inclusion of two PCI-Express 3.0 x16 sockets (electrically x8x8 when both) are used, or SmartSpeedLAN technology that is able to prioritize packets for better performance and less lag in online games, in a similar way as do the famous Killer network cards but at the software level way.

BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H three quarters
BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H all
BIOSTAR Hi-Fi H170S3H packaging

In addition Biostar has paid special attention to overclocking enthusiasts including a new design in its MOSFET with improved cooling and 100% solid capacitors to provide better stability and improve performance. The board also supports with integrated graphics, two HDMI outputs, both compatible with 4K resolution. And as in all Biostar plates we find the manufacturer’s proprietary technologies that improve the user experience such as Audio + Video + Speed ​​+, Security +, and DIY + Durability +.

Moreover, and true to its name, the Hi-Fi incorporates H170S3H Biostar manufacturer Hi-Fi technology, delivering quality audio Blu-Ray and the usual Puro Hi-Fi features that improve the user experience on the audio sound card built into the motherboard itself.

Overall we have a board with a good midrange array of features that allow us to upgrade to the new Intel processors Skylake quickly and easily, using most of our previous system components. And with a price to be around 80 euros we have to say it really worth the money for what it offers in return.

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