Biostar is pleased to announce its latest and best motherboard that joins the prestigious family with incorporating RACING plate mini-ITX Z170GTN. All that makes them special to the base plates RACING series now comes in a smaller form factor that gives you all the power you need without compromising the size and space. Players wishing unrestricted performance, but want a compact machine for your needs entertainment and games, RACING Z170GTN offers everything you need.

The Biostar RACING Z170GTN allows full control of your system with support for unlocked 6th generation Intel Core that allows you to fully maximize the capacity of your system and boost performance processors. The motherboard supports support for DDR4-3200 memory speeds that allow high-speed memory can complement an overclocked system to achieve greater responsiveness. The Z170 Intel chipset enables a wide range of connectivity, including USB 3.0 connection and high-speed storage through built-in type with up to 32 Gbps U.2 bandwidth for next-generation storage connectors, allowing users to use storage platforms faster today for super fast access to data, so the games load faster for users to go into action before.
The stylistic signature element of Biostar RACING that allows players to show off your personal style is back with the RACING Z170GTN with exclusive DJ VIVID LED 5050 and LED FUN, which binds to the first base plate B150GTN mini- ITX the world that has full control over RGB LEDs for illumination of both the board itself and the external lights. Both features allow adaptive lighting for players who want a team to follow a color scheme that differentiates itself from the rest of them.

To complement the colorful offer the VIVID LED DJ function, Biostar is giving each user to purchase a motherboard RACING Z170GTN an exclusive free gift: you receive a fan LED VIVID to stylize your absolutely free with all plates RACING series chassis. This fan incorporates a range of customizable colors and lighting effects that will serve perfectly to complement the effects of LEDs own motherboard

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