Biostar SSD G300

Biostar is proud to announce its latest series of products aimed at power users and gamers looking for high performance storage: the new G300 of solid state drives (SSD) series. With the current trend of enthusiasts changing storage to SSDs for faster storage performance, especially for eSports and gaming market where performance is a key consideration, SSDs are the best choice for gamers compared to traditional hard drives.

With the SSD growing in popularity as the preferred type of for computers for games storage, due to its faster performance substantially, players are increasingly demanding in their purchasing decisions because of the large selection of units SSD there now available on the market. All SSDs offer better performance than conventional mechanical, but not all SSD hard drives are equal. Therefore, Biostar has decided to focus on the needs of gamers and power users, creating its first solid state disk from the beginning dedicated specifically to the needs of this type of user. The series of SSDs Biostar G300 has been designed from scratch to create the perfect storage specifically for games.

Biostar SSD G300

Biostar designs performance SSD series G300 with the mind set on users who require more speed rather than more capacity of its storage units and beyond, thanks to the integration of a fabricated cache DDR3 high-speed memory for access very fast, while also taking into account the characteristics of subtle design and a sleek, unibody construction with a screwless, promoting minimalist and clean look that blends with the chassis and the modern game system.

With new SSDs of Biostar G300 series, we want to offer high quality, high performance storage, but making it accessible to everyone with a very affordable price. The G300 series Suggested price starts at $ 44. Biostar ensures the high quality of the new G300 series and are backed by a 3 year warranty.

Biostar G300 SSD specs

SSDs new series of G300 are designed with a PCB six coating layers to improve the overall life compared to conventional SSD. The unibody casing is designed with a minimalist look in mind and rounded corners, preventing any accidental scratching during installation for a smoother experience.

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