Biostar TB150 Pro

Biostar proudly announces its latest product that binds to the PRO series motherboards, the TB150 PRO designed to be the most stable and lasting cryptocurrency mining base. The new series Biostar PRO focuses on these key issues and adapts to mining cryptocurrency reducing the potential risk that can result in downtime caused by maintenance problems arising from the plaques become unstable due to continuous use dragged on.

The mining of criptomonedas as Bitcoin and other popular dedicate require a system that can operate for long periods of hours under a stress that can easily deteriorate some of the computer components such as the motherboard. With the PRO Biostar base plates series, this deterioration slows allowing for lower maintenance costs, resulting in the end a better return on investment. Biostar accomplishes this by using its experience in the development of high-strength components and stable for these applications.

The new base TB150 PRO motherboard supports the latest Core processors and Intel 6th generation uses B150 chipset with support for DDR4-2133 modules DDR4-1866 memory and up to 32GB capacity (2 x 16 GB).

Biostar TB150 Pro

The motherboard integrates key features of the Biostar PRO series as the Tough Power Enhanced system designed to improve stability and the Audioart capacitors offer incredible sound experience compared to the same base class plates.

Like any motherboard PRO series, the Biostar TB150 PRO brings stability to the next level with numerous technologies to reduce the risk of wear of the motherboard especially during the mining of cryptocurrency other workloads and high stress. The Biostar PRO Tough Power Enhanced TB150 Pro function gives excellent stability, enduring high current. In mining, this easily improves the reliability of the motherboard when prolonged use with little maintenance system thereby reducing the cost associated with equipment maintenance is carried out, which always helps improve ROI.

For general use, capacitors Audio Art improve the sound quality of the PRO TB150, so it is a versatile and compatible with both work as entertainment machine.

The price of the new TB150 PRO will be $ 79.99.

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