Blackberry Hamburg

Bad times for Blackeberry run, which at one time was one of the leading manufacturers of smartphones that revolutionized the market with its pre-whatsapp BB Messenger has seen its usage share is closer to 0% than 1%. In fact, the company has abandoned its own operating system and now your BlackBerry Priv have opted to integrate Android as one of the hundreds of manufacturers who use this operating system.

The relative success of the Priv made the company started work on two new cheaper smartphones, however it seems that BlackBerry will have little and will be manufactured by Alcatel, or at least by the manufacturer now has licensed mobile alcatel, a Chinese company called TCL that has little to do with true Alcatel which was so successful at the dawn of mobile telephony.

Blackberry Hamburg

The new Blackberry smartphone Alcatel Hamburg will be a renowned, Image 1

There were rumors that these phones were mobile midrange Alcatel renowned, but after passing through the FCC of one of these two new phones, the Blackberry Hamburg, we learned that indeed will be manufactured by China’s TCL and not Blackberry mobile will be as such. In fact everything points to that it will be the “Alcatel” Idol 4 renowned.

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