BMW C Evolution

In Frankfurt in 2011 BMW showed what was only a mockup style, anticipating only the key concepts of the electric maxi scooter he was planning. He spent less than a year and BMW returned to the charge with the first scooter in images as almost final, but today, after several years of marketing and a pioneer in the market, the C evolution receives the first major updates.

Two versions, A1 and Long Range
With the new cells from 94 Ah, the same used in the BMW i3, the C evolution improves both the speed performance and those of autonomy, leaving unchanged the style that is still a landmark and has been a source of inspiration for the line “i” car of the Bavarian brand. Even for these shares with the automotive world, the C evolution to date will have its world premiere at the Automobile Salon in Paris in 2016.
Specifically, will enter into a new list of the scooter version called Long Range with continuous 26 bhp power and extended range to about 160 kilometers. With these features the electronically limited top speed is 129 km / h. If you want you can also choose the version for novice drivers who have more modest output of 15 hp and about 100 km of autonomy, ideal for driving with A1 license. For the rest of the technological goodies remain the same as the current model
More markets for new models
They will recognize the new color, which keeps the shades ionic silver metallic and electricgreen, but now in contrast with the black Blackstorm shield, the tail and other details. Besides the expansion of markets range also grow: the C evolution will also be in the United States, Japan, South Korea and Russia, countries that are to join the main European countries where it is currently marketed.

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