Bosch KGN33V04

One of the added charges to the purchase of an appliance usually, by store or retail area in which we carry out the purchase, transport and installation charges. Indeed, sometimes separately. Rates that often can be more than 100 euros. So if you plan on buying a functional, economical and without carrying out any installation added refrigerator, we present the KGN33V04, a refrigerator combined German brand Bosch free installation. A combination of 170 cm high and 60 centimeters wide that you can take home (in a medium vehicle) for less than 600 euros and operating it for yourself.

Bosch KGN33V04 interior

Bosch KGN33V04

Midrange for standard use
This model represents an average range Bosch unadorned or technical frills but with a quality typical of the German company. Far it is both in size and in price and extra features the KGN39XI34, a model upper middle class that develops around 750 euros.

With this KGN33V04 are a classic refrigerator freezer with more functions necessary for a standard storage. It counts with No Frost technology, an absolute classic in the refrigerators of the Teutonic company. A system that implements an automatic defrost with which no frost or ice is generated and formed by a small overhead headspace is automatically defrosted. Needless to say, that of Defrosting periodically thing of the past with this technology installed in virtually all refrigerators of the German company.

Bosch KGN33V04 01

MultiAirflow also incorporates the system by which cools quickly and homogeneous thanks to its multiple vents within the upper cavity. Trying to maintain a constant temperature inside the appliance. It also has VitaFresh, with fresh produce are best stored in the drawer specifically designed for this purpose. While most refrigerators Bosch have the VitaFresh Plus or Pro system. Nor has, obviously, with the ability to connect to your Home Connect application. It also lacks alarm signal (or malfunction) as well as ad open door.

Its volume capacity leaves much to be desired despite being a medium sized combined. Up to 184 liters in the top 66 in the refrigerator and lower bunker intended for storing frozen food. The freezing capacity of this section is eight kilos every 24 hours. If the freezer temperature is adjustable, but does not have water drainage system the result of thawing.

His level of energy efficiency is also interesting for a combination of these features and stands at A +. Thanks to these technical qualities give it a range of up to 13 hours if there is a drop in the electrical system.

Bottle racks three egg cups and ice tray are unique peripherals that include this model Bosch.

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