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In addition to the soundbar SoundTouch 300, the company Bose has also introduced two new systems fully wireless home theater. The Bose Lifestyle Bose Lifestyle 650 and 600 systems have 4 satellite speakers, a center channel, a subwoofer and a central unit that controls the entire sound. Targeting users looking for a discreet speaker system, new equipment Bose speakers offer really small but maintain all the sound quality to which we are accustomed to the company. Let’s review what we can offer the sound system Bose Lifestyle Bose Lifestyle 650 and 600.

Bose has always been characterized by including in its catalog very minimal equipment, with powerful but discreet speakers, ideal for users looking to integrate your sound system decoration. Both the Bose Lifestyle 650 as the Bose Lifestyle 600 incorporate some really small, thin speakers, although the difference between these teams lies precisely in the way of them. The Bose Lifestyle 650 includes OmniJewel speakers, ie, very elongated and very thin speakers that go unnoticed in any home. The center speaker itself is a little bigger and resembles a small soundbar, slightly. The Bose Lifestyle 600 has a somewhat thicker speakers, but also elongated, reminiscent more to the Acoustimass range. The center channel keeps a similar aesthetic but is larger and oval. The subwoofer is the same for both sets and the central unit as well, which offers a very elegant design with glass finish.

Bose Lifestyle 600

The OmniJewel speakers feature an aluminum case with two separate speaker cabinets to place two opposing drivers. With this configuration the company has created an omnidirectional speaker to try to get a 360-degree sound. The Lifestyle center speaker 650 is an elongated speaker system that includes five speakers inside that are coated with anodized aluminum finish. The included subwoofer provides a finish in glass, with a powerful driver and QuietPort technology to achieve the best performance with smaller size.

As for the center console, it offers an elegant look with polished glass as the main material. At the level of connectivity we found 6 HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP support 4K and 2.2, two optical digital connections, two coaxial digital connections and two analog inputs. It also includes Ethernet port and USB connection, plus the jack connection for the calibration system ADAPTiQ and to connect a cable Acoustimass module. As for wireless connectivity, the system incorporates Bluetooth and WiFi, enabling direct streaming from applications such as Spotify. The system is capable of working with Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS and PCM Multichannel sound.

The new sound systems Bose Lifestyle Bose Lifestyle 650 and 600 will be available in the coming months with a price that starts from 3,000 euros.

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