Bose SoundSport

The American company Bose has just announced the release button headphones specially designed ultra lightweight requiring a wireless sound system while doing sport. SoundSport is the new range of Bose speakers with NFC and Bluetooth technology to connect your smartphone or other compatible device.

Being designed for use while doing sports, they are resistant to water and sweat. They have a grip system to not bother and provide proper support during the hours of exercise. It has a range of up to six hours after a full charge.

Bose SoundSport

StayHear + Sport
The US company enters the market of wireless headphones for athletes with a model that aims not only offer the highest standards of quality Bose. But to create a comfortable and reliable product for athletes. Therefore, beyond its technical characteristics, SoundSport include StayHear + technology. A system of interchangeable tips for correct and optimal grip and full ergonomics.

These three silicone cases included intended to create a soft but firm ear seal. This is not only an essential subject for the sport, but a sound space in which all quality Bose unfolds with its usual characteristics is achieved. Among which includes its optimized equalization, by which the volume is automatically adjusted according to the audio quality, ensuring better sound.

With its range of up to six hours, the SoundSport Bose are designed for long runs training both exterior and interior. That is why the Americans guarantee absolute resistance to both water and sweat. Thanks to the strategic position of its acoustic ports and to the hydrophobic fabric that covers them, which keeps moisture at all times abroad.

bose soundsport 01

Bose Connect
To control the new wireless headphones from Bose from your smartphone or tablet you just have to download the Bose Connect (free and compatible with Apple and Android) application. From here you can manage all connections and connect the Bose SoundSport with your device. These can be carried out via either Bluetooth (multipoint) as NFC, which facilitates and streamlines wide connectivity this new product from Bose with a large number of devices.

At the time of its release these wireless button Bose they come to market in black and at a price of 180 euros. With this new range the American company enters a market niche neglected until the moment when some presence had not so far. Not only covers the space button wireless headphones, but covers the segment of athletes, a growing sector.

With this release the Bose SoundSport compete directly with Powerbeats 2 Beats. Hoofbeats about 50 euros cheaper than the Bose but are not specifically designed for practicing sport (or use in relatively adverse conditions).

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