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Bose dares to do anything. Any fan of high fidelity Bose recognized as a benchmark for sound bars, docks and headphones. American house has been adapted to all audio trends of the last 50 years, and now hard tackles market of wireless headphones sport. The Bose Soundsport Press is a gadget that seeks to adapt fully to the demands of runners and athletes in general as wireless in-ear headphones with ergonomic and waterproof and sweat design. A device competes head to head with Beats Powerbeats 2, the Adidas Sport Adistar or X2 Jaybird, and has a difference that can tip the balance, the presence of a heart rate monitor included. The price, 180 €, within the average competitor guarantees that position to consider.

No cable
When performing exercise outdoors, users had long been demanding a product that would free them of cables, as they can affect the mobility of those who are exercising to the point of eventually produce an accident if the cable It causes the user to lose balance to engage with some branch or other item around. To meet this need the sporty range of wireless headphones which Bose adds with Soundsport Press, an in-ear device that works via Bluetooth and NFC from any mobile device that recognizes these connections appears, maintaining the sound quality feature Bose. The Bluetooth range is up to 10 meters, which is an interesting element if you exercise in a gym, so you can leave the terminal aside and exercise without concern that the mobile can hinder or fall. Using the controls and the micro, not having the mobile is not in any way affect audio playback or to a possible need to answer calls.
Bose Soundsport Press
If you do not take wires to hinder air was a necessary demand, the next was to be able to have a heart rate control without having to carry extra accessories that may be uncomfortable for movement, as tight bands or bracelets. With Soundsport Press Bose have a heart rate monitor included in the device, and through the Bose Connect application (available for both iOS and Android) allow you to make these measurements in real time, take a posting and also send it to other applications fitness, as RunKeeper or Endomondo. An idea that puts Bose one step ahead in innovation, and will not be strange to see next earphones with the same characteristics. The downside, for now, is that the rebate rate monitor an hour battery autonomy.

Bose Connect
Using this free application is quite recommended, because through it can handle the data recorded by the heart rate monitor, sharing with other applications fitness, as well as downloading software updates own brand. In addition, their use allows us to tweak settings off, allowing for example headphones are turned off if not used after a certain time, thereby adjusting the times of battery drain and promoting their savings. It is interesting that this option does not come by default, but is adjustable, in order to avoid discomforts as happened with the iPhone users 7, by a software failure (and fixed) extinguished drivers earpiece five minutes without use, without adjustability. Returning to the application, we can recognize the remaining battery level (although a female voice and alert us to turn the headphones), and specify which other devices are paired.

Bose Soundsport Press
Design and functionality
With a matte design and rounded contours, available in blue, black and red, the Bose Soundsport Press are specially designed to provide a complete grip on the ear, not blocking the ear canal. For this he uses the tips of washable silicone StayHear + (other than StayHear available in versions with cable), to fit your ear in three sizes, small, medium and large, ensuring that head movements will not cause the headset off. In addition, a small vertical “hook” silicone also engages the fold of the ear loosely exerting refrozando counterweight and balancing device. You can already dance, run or handstands, Bose Press Soundsport not fall. On the other hand, not being fully attached to the ear canal, the headset of no effect damper, which is positive if the headphones for cycling or running into traffic areas are used. The inevitable consequence is that does not allow the cancellation of noise, for example for exercising in a gym is usually a plus. The cable has no cropping option, like other wireless devices, but includes a clamp that allows you to grab the back of the shirt or jacket if you want the cord remains attached to the clothes and not dancing.

Its resistance to water and sweat is another basic point that concerns us away when exercising rain, in addition to the inevitable consequences of sport when a certain degree of resistance is reached, sweat. Being able to wash the tips, the handset will remain as new after tireless workouts to the beat, neither yours nor your music break.

Bose Soundsport Press

Autonomy is usually one of the hotspots of these devices, because for reasons of size are not available sufficiently powerful batteries to ensure long play. While there are technological advances in many fields, batteries are kept current, generally speaking, at the same point of development for years, and there is an insurmountable point is larger, greater autonomy. In this case, the Bose Soundsport Press is 5 hours, which is quite well within the average duration of other headphones. The model Soundsport Wireless, without heart rate monitor, up more autonomy time (up to 6), but here we thought the added pulsómetro well worth the price to pay, since practice will not change the work of regular recharging, and change adds a very useful accessory for the athlete.

Bose Soundsport Press
Availability and Pricing
Bose Soundsport Press are available from summer both in physical stores and through its website, and can be found for 180 euros in its version with heart rate monitor, or 150 euros in its version without heart rate monitor. In addition, on its website we can buy for 50 euros a cover that serves to charge the phone and can extend its range to 18 hours with a maximum charge time of two hours.

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