Bose SoundSport

Sports and music often go hand in hand. Surely when you are out running, you never leave home keys, mobile phone and headset to get your favorite songs and make our sports careers or routines even more enjoyable. A great way to get that extra bit of motivation when forces begin to waver.

Certainly also you have had to try several models of headphones until you find one that truly meet your needs when you go to play sports. This is how Bose has developed ear headphones with an original and innovative design, but where premium ergonomics. Since the brand they have sought resistant materials sweat and moisture to increase the life of your product.

This is how TriPort technology have made the maximum sound quality, providing natural crisp treble and bass. Make them more resistant to the hydrophobic acoustic fabric that prevents moisture from reaching them, and also includes a microphone and controls on the cable to make even more functional use.

Bose SoundSport

Bose SoundSport

SoundSport, the new family of headphones BOSE
The firm, a manufacturer of audio products and technologies, presented the new family of sports-ear headphones. Under the name of SoundSport, the fundamental idea has been to develop a headset that will match sport perform, based on ergonomics and quality of materials that are resistant to sweat and water.

They have been worried that the sound quality will not suffer rather have sought their sports headphones transmit it to us in a faithful manner, with nuances and gaining clarity and depth. In short, when you put your favorite topic seems to have the band playing in front of you, motivating you even more in the sport. This is achieved thanks to the Bose TriPort technology, which provides crisp highs and natural bass.

Besides a good audio it is important that they are comfortable and durable, which makes it interesting integration of acoustic ports that are resistant to sweat and water. This is how its hydrophobic acoustic fabric prevents moisture penetration, and the two silicone cases that are included StayHear conform to our ear to be in place.

Finally, Bose SoundSport come with a microphone and integrated controls in your cable, which can receive calls and change music as well as controlling various functions. Apple have a version with five color variations, and one that will be specific to Android finished in black. It also includes a sheath with carabiner, which has a storage compartment for keys or money.

These headphones are priced at 129 euros and can buy them in various colors: anthracite gray, ice gray, green energy, neon blue and deep red. A great choice for sports enthusiasts and music.

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