Canon EOS 1300D Review

We are going to have all the details of the Canon EOS 1300D, an SLR full benefits for users who want to start in this photography without having to bleed your pocket. Introduced in March of this year, the Canon EOS 1300D is the strong commitment of Canon to enter the amateur market because although their performance Calcan to that of its predecessor, the Canon EOS 1200D, its price drops considerably, from 460 euros EOS 1200D 375 thereof (without body). In addition to this change in price, adds very suggestive features like Wi-Fi with NFC. We can now say that’s the cheapest SLR that we can find in the market and that can be an alternative for those who want to put aside the mobile phone camera and “professionalise” a little their social networks, all without many clear aspirations .

We tested the camera with the basic goal coming in promotional packs a 18-55 mm with built-in stabilizer. Obviously, if we apply the body a more powerful lens (18-135 mm one for example) we can achieve better results, but still, the camera meets and performs with his claims.

The EOS 1300D incorporates the same APS-C CMOS sensor of 18 megapixels that the 1200D. The processor is another novelty along with Wi-Fi connectivity, since we have a Digic 4+, although only shoot 3fps, improved to 69 JPEG 1110 (the RAW remains the same in 6 RAW) and also significantly increases the speed burst shooting.




Design and controls
Despite being a DSLR weight makes it a camera as compact. This is mainly due to the body is finished almost entirely in plastic. It has a rubber grip that allows a grip of the most comfortable and ergonomic. Access controls mode, shooting and video recording is quite fast and does not require to do fancy stuff with your fingers as other SLR, so its use is quite nice. Its full dimensions are 129.0 x 101.3 x of 77.6 mm with a weight of 485 grams including battery and card.

The basic controls are to be found in any Canon SLR with this price range. In the back of the body are the main dial to change modes. We have P, Tv, Av, M and of course automatic mode, and Creative Auto mode, which allows us, within what is an automatic mode, select background defocus or using flash. We also have in the back of the camera video recording button and exposure control dial. At the top are the setting controls shutter speed and ISO control in addition to the flash, and the trigger. The shutter button in photo mode can also be used to switch between the viewfinder and the view on the screen.


The screen is a TFT 3 inches whose resolution pixels, something that surpasses its predecessor pleasantly. No longer a below average in this segment resolution cameras, but without trying to be professional results are optimal. The screen brightness can be adjusted in seven levels, in order to obtain good visibility even in sunlight. The screen is not touch-sensitive, so we can not access the menu settings directly from it as in most SLRs upgrade. The display, Pentamirror with fixed focusing screen, is perhaps not the best on the market, but as we have said throughout the article, has the fair benefits for selling price and the result is correct. Through the viewfinder you can also view and adjust the controls without having to enter the camera menu.


Canon EOS 1200D


As we said at the beginning of the article, the sensor is the same as in the previous model, a CMOS APS-C of 18 megapixels, the Canon characteristic. This sensor, which can also be found mounted on the top models, ensures image quality but only under favorable light and suffers problems when dealing with higher ISO. If you look at the sensitivity settings offered by the new Canon SLR ranging from 100 to 12,800 ISO being forced.

A positive development built into this camera is the DIGIC 4+ processor. Gusts made faster with this processor can reach 3 photographs (maximum) per minute. Very few changes considering that two years have passed between the two models, but the price drop makes up.


Canon EOS D 1300


Image quality
The truth is put to work with it, the camera has some pretty convincing results, pleasantly surprising. Although the lens used in the tests has been a Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS II (a very basic optics), their results have been very positive despite what might seem . The camera is able to adapt to the intense contrasts shots resulting in good detail without saturating the luminosities.

Their resistance to noise also got the thumbs up. Its noise level is lower than we are used in cameras in this range, and gives no problems ISO values ​​between 100 and 6400, having its forced limit on ISO 12800. ISO up to 3200 found no trace of noise from these values ​​if it begins to appear, though not insufferable. It is from ISO 6,400 when the noise is quite noticeable. As for the approach, it is a bit slow, but if we are not professional does not detract from the camera.

Canon EOS 1300D 

Connectivities and autonomy
We said that one of the innovations that included this camera unlike its predecessors is the Wi-Fi connectivity NFC. Thanks to this connection we can quickly transfer photos to a device, including mobile. This provision comes under the idea that it is a camera for the amateur public, because it makes sharing images. The rest of connectivities are provided, Hi-Speed ​​USB and HDMI output to connect directly to the monitor. As for the battery, has a rechargeable LP-E10 maintaining the autonomy up to 500 shots, 410 if the flash is used lithium-ion batteries.


Although the camera is modest, and can not compare with the last we tested, the Sony A7 RII, results have been passed with flying colors. It is true that the sensor is slow and that you are missing a touch screen, but if you’re looking for is started in photography, or just go a little beyond the results that offers mobile, this camera is 100% advisable. Its price is 375 euros only the body but is on sale for a purpose as we have tested us (EF-S 18-55 mm) for 430 euros

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