Canon Xeed WUX6010

The XEED WUX 6010 is a professional projector capable of displaying HD projection with a brightness of up to 6,000 lumens and a contrast of 2000: 1. These figures make it ideal for all types of computer environments: corporations, universities or medical settings. This projector supports the installation of up to five different lenses: fixed focal short, wide zoom, standard zoom, zoom and ultra long long focal zoom. It also has a model for other DICOM simulation gradations in black and white, a fundamental requirement for hospitals and clinics. The XEED WUX6010 hit the market from next January. We tell its main features.
The XEED WUX6010 is Canon projector with a very high yield. This team reaches a brightness of 6,000 lumens, with a static contrast of 2,000: 1. These numbers assure us a clear reproduction of the images and vivid colors in environments where there is a higher ambient light. In addition, it has a brightness uniformity of 88%. The team from the Japanese company is geared to corporations, educational environments such as universities or clinics and hospital. This model projections move between 40 inches and 600 inches, which gives us a very noticeable when the projector adapt to the environment in which we place ourselves versatility.
To achieve 100-inch projection distance between 3.2 meters and 4.8 meters is required. The projector projection covers distances from 2.3 meters to 29 meters. We also noticed the distance that you can place the fountain from which pour the contents, as it is capable of running on a single LAN cable (for image, sound and control signals) with a maximum length of 100 meters .
Another key XEED WUX6010 projector is its ability to project images with resolution WUXGA widescreen 16:10 (1920 x 1200 pixels), which brings a greater level of detail for all types of content such as presentations, videos or images. We also noticed the ability to install different lenses according to the needs we have. Specifically, the Xeed WUX6010 supports five different lenses: fixed focal short, wide zoom, standard zoom, long and ultra long zoom focal zoom. In addition, Canon will include a specific model oriented DICOM medical simulation environments. Thanks to this simulation you can see projected gradations in black and white, a very important requirement for this type of application.
In terms of design, the XEED WUX6010 uses a body of 28 x 17 x 43 centimeters, with a weight of 8.5 kilos (excluding the lens). Team Connections include DVI-I LAN port, or HDMI. It also has a USB port that can connect a USB memory or a hard disk with multimedia content. To view the XEED WUX6010 in the market will have to wait at least the next January.

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