Casio PRW-7000 PRO TREK

Casio PRW-7000 features, the new model to be added to the line of watches dedicated to outdoor PRO TREK. Water resistant to 20 bar, the new PRW-7000 has a compass with horizontal self-compensation sensor. The second hand and the display with the indicator needle return several environmental data for easy viewing.
The series of watches PRO TREK dedicated to outdoor scenarios uses by Casio technological patented sensors for the measurement of a number of external data. In particular, the models equipped with PRO TREK Triple Sensor Ver.3 technology provide accurate bearings with features such as digital compass and barometric pressure reading / altitude and temperature, and have enjoyed great success with users engaged in high-altitude activities and , more in general, in nature.

Casio PRW-7000 PRO TREK

Triple Sensor technology Ver.3 the PRW-7000 offers features useful to face the outdoors and, in particular, sports such as mountaineering, trekking, but also activities along rivers or sea, such as fishing, kayaking and rafting. The compass sensor orientation, with horizontal self-compensation function, provides reading and accurate readings even during activities where the clock in constant inclination. Both the digital display and the second hand broadcasting a variety of measurement data, while the needle, positioned at 5 o’clock, and equipped with a Dual coil motor that allows very fast movements, immediately shows the data returned by the tide graph and changes in barometric pressure and altitude.

The detection memory is able to store the direction of the place of destination thanks to the second hand that indicates the North and that of the indicator that instead pointing the destination. The major indexes and wide to watch high contrast surface guarantee maximum readability, and water resistance to 20 bar causes the timepiece does not fear the water is indeed particularly appreciated by fishermen for Fishing Timer, which suggests the best time to fish

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