CHERRY, the specialist input devices for computers, has the wired mouse MC 4000. The new model is optimized for professional needs, that require a quick job. These features are achieved thanks to a high-quality optical sensor and a sliding surface completely surrounding the bottom of the mouse. The mouse symmetrical appearance MC 4000 is completed by lighting two-color and six buttons.

Mouse MC 4000, CHERRY has focused on a high quality optical sensor that scans at 1,000 or 2,000 dpi (dots per inch). This allows the user to select the optimal resolution for a wide variety of everyday tasks. The DPI setting is indicated by two predefined colors that light up the scroll wheel, the side panels and the switch DPI: blue and red to 1,000 DPI to 2000 DPI. With a finding of the movement at high speed of 1.5 meters per second (60 IPS), the mouse CHERRY MC 4000 is the ideal solution for professional use at high speed.
A special feature of the new wired mouse is the wide sliding shoe 360 ​​degrees, which wraps around the bottom of the mouse, including the sensor. This solution ensures a smooth and stable movement. Consequently, the mouse MC 4000 provides a perfect maneuverability on all suitable surfaces.
CHERRY MC 4000 1
CHERRY mouse MC 4000 delivers exceptional usability thanks to a symmetrical design optimum ergonomics. This is the only wired mouse not only suitable in an optimal manner both right both left-handed, but that it also shows a perfect input device for long working periods. The design is complemented by six buttons, including buttons for switching DPI, browsing, and Windows Panel, positioned so as to make possible a more comfortable operation with both hands.
CHERRY mouse MC 4000 is available now online and in stores at a suggested resale price from 30 euro producer.

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