Cherry MC 4000

Cherry course we know from his mechanical switches, but the German company also makes itself keyboards and mice. Which, however, are practically never specifically aimed at gamers, but with the new MC 4000 one has brought there in change.

This symmetrical copy must be clear target audience appeal, largely because of its affordable price tag in combination with the features obvious. The property has six buttons and with its dimensions of 116 x 64.5 x 34.5 millimeters on the small side.
Cherry MC 4000
The integrated optical sensor is, moreover, a variant that can record movements of 1.5 meters per second and is set at 1000 or 2000 DPI. The lighting is also there immediately linked: choose using the button below the scroll wheel to 1000 DPI then the light blue, otherwise shines red light from the LEDs.

Cherry MC 4000 will lie in September in stores for a suggested retail price of 29.99 euros.

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