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Tick-tock is the term used by Intel to describe the cycles of microprocessor development. It is an approach introduced in 2006, through which the development cycle of the CPU is divided into several “step” (or steps) later: the first stage, called Tick, is the introduction of a new production process matched to an architecture already mature, so as to proceed to update the current products to the new production process, in order to maximize the yield of the future generation of processors, while the phase tock implies the transition to a new architecture.
So in 10 years, Santa Clara went from chip 65nm, 45nm, 32nm, 22 nm to 14 nm.
Intel’s Tick Tock
But in recent times, the situation is a bit ‘changed: Intel released processors Broadwell and Skylake to 14 nm, but it is expected yet another. The next chip Kaby Lake will have an updated architecture, but a production process even at 14 nm. This means that the first 10 nm CPUs are not expected before 2017 and, according to a new report from the Motley Fool, for then we will have three different families of chips designed on the same production process. So, we will have to wait until 2020 for the first Intel processors to 7 nm. Even processors to 5 nm may be available only in 2022.
This does not mean that we will have to wait years to have chips with better performance: Intel Skylake, for example, is based on the same production process Broadwell but as you already know provides much more powerful graphics performance. But the game is played in two: Intel is not alone in working on chips smaller and more efficient, because there’s TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing) that could beat Santa Clara with the first 10 nm chips in 2016 and the first to 7 nm in 2018. In the meantime, here are the specific roadmap (unofficial) of the new Intel chips for the coming years:
2016 – 14nm “Kaby Lakje” (Tock)
2017 – 10nm “Skymont” (Tick)
2018 – 10nm “Icelake” (Tock)
2019 – 10nm “Tigerlake” (Tock)
2020 – 7nm (Tick)
2021 – 7nm (Tock)
2022 – 5nm (Tick)

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