Chuwi Vi10 Plus Atom x5-Z8300

A few days before the official announcement, which took place last July, the tablet Chuwi Vi10 Plus peeps in the first Chinese online stores and therefore – indirectly – also the Western markets thanks to those shops that carry shipments in our country. But the price is cheaper than expected.
Chuwi Vi10 Plus in the Remix version of OS
As you may recall Chuwi Vi10 Plus was launched in two SKUs: the entry-level version has 2GB of RAM, 32GB of ROM and Remix OS 2.0, while the most expensive (albeit slightly) integrates twice the RAM and ROM 4GB / 64GB and two operating systems pre-installed Windows 10 and OS Remix. According to inventories at the moment is available only the basic variant that Gearbest offers about 120 € with the coupon code “VI10YT”, a big saving compared to € 150 initially foreseen. So this is an offer very affordable, especially considering that the shipment in Italy is free of charge and is carried out by a courier (choose priority line: 7-15 working days). Here you will find the product page of the offer!
Chuwi Vi10 Plus Atom x5-Z8300 2

Chuwi Vi10 Plus Atom x5-Z8300
Except for the OS and how much memory / storage, the entry-level version is virtually identical to the top-of the range: quad-core processor Intel Atom x5-Z8300 from 1.44GHz, from 10.8 inch Full HD IPS display ( 1920 x 1280 pixels), 8400 mAh battery, Type-C USB port with support for fast charging, front and rear 2-megapixel camera (both), WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0. The tablet measures 276 x 184 x 8.8 mm and weighs 686 grams. We wish to clarify that Chuwi Vi10 Plus supports a detachable cover keyboard and a stylus Chuwi HiPen H2, but both accessories are sold separately – if added – will bump up the total sale price.

Chuwi Vi10 Plus the dual-OS Windows 10 and OS configuration Remix

All in all, the Chinese company’s tablet is a good alternative to Surface 3 for those who have big needs and prefer to save: in the same size of Microsoft’s tablet, Chuwi proposes a slower processor and a starting price much lower with Remix OS 2.0, a customized version of Android 5.1, and looking like any operating system for notebooks and desktops.

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