Chuwi Vi10 Plus tablet

Chuwi is one of the most popular tablet manufacturer with a portfolio which includes mainly 2in1 tablet Android and Windows, as well as one of the most experienced manufacturers. Our first news of a branded device Chuwi dates back to 2012! Its offer is extended today with a new convertible device 2in1 type and with a new operating system option: Remix OS 2.0, a customized version of Android by Jide developers which we discussed several times on our online magazine.
Chuwi Vi10 Plus tablet
It’s called Chuwi Vi10 Plus and follows the previous Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate, a tablet 10.6 “characterized by a frame with double-coated tempered glass, whether on screen or on the cover. In reality, however, the two notebooks have in common only the processor , an Intel Atom X5 Cherry Trail, while differ in any other profile.

Chuwi Vi10 Plus in the Remix version of OS
Chuwi Vi10 Plus it has a more common frame with metal cover and a 10.8 “display with a resolution of 1920×1280 pixels with a 3: 2 that, according to the manufacturer, it would be the same mounted on the Microsoft Surface 3. For the time being we can verify this information, but it is still a good quality panel with a luminance of 450 candelas that allows a decent legibility even outdoors and with a form factor that favors the use of the pen.
Chuwi Vi10 Plus it supports active stylus pen Chuwi HiPen H2 but will not be bundled but will purchased separately as an optional accessory. It recalls a bit ‘to the memory the Surface also the keyboard cover, offers USB connector Pogo-pin and magnetic attcco, although unlike the Surface lacks a kickstand, replaced by the usual implication of the cover.

But the most interesting aspect, in our opinion, is that the Vi10 Plus is the first tablet with Chuwi Remix OS 2.0 (the Chuwi HI12 which was shown as he turned Remix OS was just a demo). A particularly apt solution because it allows you to benefit from the best of Windows and Android: all the Google Play app store combined with the Windows user experience and, above all, zero license costs. It means that the price of Chuwi Vi10 Plus will be lighter, at least for the basic model, because there will also be a top version of dual-OS range.
Chuwi Vi10 Plus the dual-OS Windows 10 and OS configuration Remix

These possible configurations:
2GB RAM / 32GB ROM, with Remix OS 2.0 pre-installed (you can still decide to purchase a license of Windows 10 retail at a later time because it supports the firmware for dual-OS Windows 10 / Remix OS 2.0)
4GB RAM / 64GB ROM, dual operating system Windows 10 / Remix OS 2.0
The list of specific ven includes a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery to 8400mAh with rapid charging 5V3A, front facing camera and rear 2MP and USB type-C. All this in a chassis from 276.4 x 184.8 x 8.8mm and weighs 685.5 grams. Sales of tablet Chuwi Vi10 Plus are provided from the month of July.

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