Coolchip Kinetic Cooler

Greater efficiency in the dissipation of heat at a lower noise emissions than conventional CPU cooler: This promises to Cool Chip Technologies for its “kinetic cooler”. Well apparently will soon take place to market.

A few years ago presented as a concept of Sandia National Laboratories under the name “Air Bearing Heat Exchanger”, it now creates a rather unusual processor cooler according to an announcement apparently soon to market: As a “low profile (1U) Kinetic Cooler” wants the company Cool Chip Technologies publish a rotating in the center heatsink, which is specified for Intel CPUs with a TDP of 70 watts (socket 1156, 1155, 1150 and 1151).

Coolchip Kinetic Cooler

This comes down to a height of 27 millimeters at around 92 millimeters in diameter and weighing about 280 grams, while functioning as a fan center with 1,500 to 2,500 rev / min rotates and so between 13 to 25 (± 1) dBA to be achieved. With the HPC Kinetic Cool to give the future a more powerful model with heatpipes and 140 millimeters in diameter. More detailed information about launch it Nocht not yet exist. Cool Chip Technologies had early last year also presents a prototype in collaboration with Cooler Master.

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