Cooler Master Master Keys Pro

Cooler Master has announced the inclusion in its catalog new mechanical keyboards Master Keys Pro L and M, a keyboard that claim to provide intelligent lighting in white with a level of clarity and nuance that RGB keyboards are not able to offer.

Pro Keys Master keyboards offer a mechanical tactile feedback mechanisms suitable for all kinds of users, from those who use the keyboard to play who do mainly to write (Cherry MX switches are original Blue). Smart white LEDs provide a clear, bright and above all with pure white, because unlike the keyboards RGB lighting in this case is only in white light. It is true, in my view, that the white color that offer the vast majority of keyboards RGB is not completely white, but rather throwing purplish or bluish. If I compare an RGB white keyboard with configured with a keyboard that has only illumination in white, the hue difference is abysmal.

Cooler Master Master Keys Pro

Of course with everything and that, although the lighting of the Cooler Master Master Keys Pro is only white colo, different effects that the user can configure at will are offered. This is done with shortcut keys (the famous Fn key) without software, so the user can make the settings you want and will automatically be stored in the internal memory of the keyboard, running at all times without the need for software and therefore, any team that we connect the keyboard.

The new keyboards Master Keys Pro will be available in Europe this month of August at a recommended 119 euros for the model L and 109 euros for the model M (the difference between the two is basically the numeric keypad) price.

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